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She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Architect since 2009, she completes her practice by moving to Barcelona where she connects again with the art and illustration circuit. In 2012, she did a Postgraduate Course in Illustration and since then, her artistic work merges these two worlds. It was premiered in Barcelona with an illustration by Miles Davis, an impressive lesson in skill that has much to do with his passion for music and his excellent use of white paper. In Bianca's compositions white has it’s own depth. 

She is co-author of the fanzine "La cabra está muerta" and author/editor, under the pseudonym Atom, of the children's story "La Bomba mágica". Her latest collaborative works have been exhibited at the Gutterfest Festival, Galería Mutuo, Espacio Nauart and Transforma BNA. Currently, Bianca is exploring a new format: large scale illustration, changing paper for stone and cement walls.

BIANCA LIKES: cooking, animals, closing her eyes while walking on the street, camping in the mountains, finding shapes in the clouds, playing piano, rainy days and remembering dreams when she wakes up.

BIANCA DOESN'T LIKE: the shower curtain, firecrackers, cockroaches, fighting, exercise, the pair of socks that always disappear, horror movies and pollution.

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