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Riki Blanco was born in Barcelona, 1978 and is currently based in Madrid.

He is been working in illustration, animation and press illustration since 2000. His work has been published in USA, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, China, and Russia. Throughout his career he has published more than 30 books. Apart from this, he was invited to join La Massana Arts & Design School where he taught illustration for eight years. He regularly gives courses and lectures. He is currently exploring new directions in artistic expression. He has started writing, directing and performing his own shows, where experimental poetry and comedy go hand in hand.

RIKI LIKES: matt things, if possible black, smoky things, right angles, worn out things, what makes you laugh, and think, the mafia in fiction, the unexpected, tension, intensity, double readings, Russian choruses, warm lights, naturalness, the smell of freshly cut grass and that of the truffle, inter-war posters and Fortuny crossword puzzles.

RIKI DOESN'T LIKE: the smell or the sound of the subway brakes, the acid or bitter things, the increasing infantilization of society, the neoliberalism, the strident sounds, the loops, the inertia, the coexistence of more than two primary colors together, the golden nor the silver ones, the glitter, the artifices, the authoritarianism, the celebration of the stupidity nor the vinegar.

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