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Csilla was born in Tatabánya, northwestern Hungary in 1986. She grew up near mountains and forests where her love for the natural landscape and animals grew enormously. In 2010 came to Barcelona and start to actively draw at the Leonardo da Vinci art school. Thai chi practice and her love for animals turned into graphics which meant the first walk in its history engaging with art, putting the base of the Chillartbcn brand (2014). She use textil support and she prepare bags and other textil articles. She also work digitally. Barcelona Gaudí's works inspire her with their architectural details. She makes original drawings based on these, working with watercolor, but frequently use wax and colored pencils. She also has a series of trencadís on paper, mosaic details from Park Güell painted on paper. Her expectations are to attracts people's attention to Gaudi's creations, since each little corner of his work is art in itself. She has exposed her artwrork in several galleries of Barcelona, the city where she lives and work, in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

CSILLA LIKES: walks in the park, swimming in the sea, go to an unknown place, the beach, watching birds fly, chatting with friends, Japanese decorations, practicing Thai Chi, old oil paintings, sleeping a lot, eating potato chips, cats, goa music, smiles, nature, forests, when a child talks with passion because he discovered something new, taking a nap.


CSILLA DOESN'T LIKE: the alarm clock, when the TV is very high, ranks for paperwork, mosquito ziziziziz while sleeping, tourists who wear socks with sandals, to forget something, fish smell, protest days, advertising calls.

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