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Daniella is a Chilean illustrator who has been working and living in Barcelona for a few years now. After finishing her studies in Valparaiso and working in different design and advertising agencies in Santiago de Chile, she move to Barcelona in 2014. After a period combining her passion for traveling with a degree in creative Illustration, she feels now as a Barcelonian citizen.

It has a colorful and conceptual illustration style that mixes digital forms with organic textures and is inspired by nature, travel and everyday life. Her art combines the influence of her native Chile with the avant-garde style of Barcelona. She has also a very special sensitivity to evoke the everyday and simplicity with a touch of artistic nostalgia.


DANIELLA LIKES: the sea, long walks, the breeze when riding a bike, discovering new music, dancing, screen printing and ink, a barbecue with friends, the smell of basil in summer, a good glass of wine in winter.


DANIELLA DOESN'T LIKE: the ambiguities, the half-hearted things, the bombing of wsp groups, cues in the airports, bachata, throwing food, the mosquitoes and the smell of sewers in the summer, selfishness and little empathy.

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