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Javi is one of the most active and multifaceted emerging artists today. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and since finishing his studies he has lived in different parts of Europe. Barcelona, London, Athens, etc., have been some of the chosen cities to extend his influences.

He considers himself a multidisciplinary artist who loves artistic creation and design. He likes to create symbols, aesthetics and stories from his particular vibrant colorful world of surrealistic and baroque style. He enjoys each new project, new challenge and new adventure. He considers himself an all-terrain artist. We can see in his work his ability to combine drawing, mural, editorial illustration, textile design, tattoo, fashion, advertising, branding, posters, merchandising and album covers..., always with his particular style. His artistic work has led him to win various competitions and to exhibit his work in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Florence, Prague and New York. Javi is a Capricorn to the core, so watch out.

JAVI LIKES: Björk, cloudy days with rain from home, tattoos, witchcraft and the devil, mysticism and natural sciences, dark guys and making love, animals and nature, Madrid and Barcelona, to try to have more and more filia than phobias.

JAVI DOESN'T LIKE: hot beer, Sundays without plans, passing fads, lateness and informality, having to wait in life in general. 

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