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A multidisciplinary visual artist with a degree in technical architecture. He was born in Menorca but his artistic interest has led him to train in different parts of the world. He began to express himself through painting when he was very young, then he went deeper into photography and sculpture and later on, he trained in engraving. He uses different techniques according to the personal or professional project to be developed. He has held numerous collective and individual exhibitions: the Espai 13 at the Fundación Miró, the Kowasa Gallery and the Urania Gallery, among many others. He has also won several prizes in photography and painting.

He is part of the Biribotis group for artistic events and workshops. He collaborates as a teacher of engraving in Traç, a workshop of plastic expression, and has worked in Núria Duran's workshop.

ENRIC LIKES: good music, good mood, good wine, good company, eating, love, my cat, swimming, friendships, good health, a good film, calm, the smell of wet earth, sunset, kisses and hugs, art.

ENRIC DOESN'T LIKE: the injustices, the inhumane, the snakes (people), the rats (animals and people), making food every day, the anti-ecologicals, hot beer, socks with holes, narrow T-shirts, toothache, a Lladró sculpture, the bad feeling.

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