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Anna describes herself as a small and open-minded person. Born and raised in Barcelona, she is an illustrator, graphic designer and textile designer. She is a lover of the world and watercolours. Anna studied graphic design at Massana school in Barcelona and at the UDK (Universität Der Kunste) in Berlin. After several courses as ceramics, jewellery, barreter or silk-screen printing among others, she specialized in illustration. She did a master's degree in creative illustration at the EINA school in Barcelona where she found her passion. Anna's work includes a wide range of techniques, both digital and manual, such as anilines, nibs and collage. Her work goes through the figurative and the abstract adopting different styles, from the most childish to the most conceptual. She currently combines her work as a freelance illustrator with printing designer for a textile company.

ANNA LIKES: cats, plants, tea, the mysteries of the universe, strange beings from under the sea, Huichol art, glitter, lights at night, color, the sound of emptying the trash can into the Mac, dipping your head in the water and holding your breath, tribal costumes.

ANNA DOESN'T LIKE: the cat hair on the clothes, the bad mood, milk, wasting time, the cold water, the monotony, the sand on the feet, the texture of an old book paper, a crooked picture, injustices, red wine, stress or postureo.

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