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Laura is from Valladolid, a foggy winter city, that is something she loves despite the cold. She has been living in Barcelona for a few years, where she works as an illustrator for different clients.

Mainly, she works with editorial illustration projects. She has collaborated with various children magazines, such as Namaka, Cocoter or Petit Sàpiens.  She also works illustrating school books, interactive books and children books. She also has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, such as 'Estados de Ánimo y Rarezas' inaugurated at Consell 81 art space, last October. 

LAURA LIKES: the color blue, a deserted beach, plants, dogs, the plans with friends that stretch out alone, the smell that remains after a summer storm, singing while working, donuts, cheese, sleeping on the beach, the fog, walking without a fixed direction.

LAURA DOESN'T LIKE: allergy sneezing attacks, the noise of motorcycles, firecrackers, pizza with burnt edges, non-crunchy chips, noisy crowds, conversations with mobiles in between.

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