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Mariona started her connexion with art as an art historian; knowing that throughout history, women and men have felt the need and the passion to communicate through artistic action, brings her to become alive and experience creation with their own hands. This feeling guides her to Massana School of Art and Design, where she studies Textile Art and learns the technique of weaving for three years. Connected from the beginning with the looms and the passion for the construction of the fabric, she spends different seasons outside Barcelona to expand her knowledge and connect with different artistic circles. First to Paris and then to Denmark she had the opportunity to work with historical looms and learn from the long textile tradition of the Scandinavian countries.

At 29 years of age, she shares her studio in Barcelona with our featured artist Pedro. She always walks around expecting and hoping to find new landscapes of colour, material and texture that brings her to another world.


MARIONA LIKES: Watching the clouds move, brushing her teeth, concerts, a good play of theatre, the bicycle, simplicity, traveling without a return date, the blue, greeting, smelling things, the old doors, laughing, sleeping in the mountains.

MARIONA DOESN'T LIKE: The sound of boiling water, wearing a swimming suit on the beach, onions, people screaming, mosquito bites, compromises, eating fast, pretense.

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