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Mariona was born in Barcelona in 1983 and since then she draws as a way to express everything she feels, enjoys, suffers, lives or does not live. She is interested in everything that is alive, what goes through our heads, our bellies and our hearts. Her work is based on how we feel, on what we learn, in our fears, in the things that makes us happy and what make us move on. Mariona travels with her characters to dreamlike places. From there, we can look at reality from another perspective, adding silence to the noise and feeling the words as we wish. Usually she works with paper, colors and aniline, using the collage technique as well.

She participates in any assignment that is proposed to her, from newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, individuals, companies and social projects.

MARIONA LIKES: Mariona likes constellations, plants, wicker baskets, celery, riding a bike, drawings made by kids, finding furniture on the street, gazpacho and soup, drawing flowers, floating in water, whales, clean clothes, visual poetry.

MARIONA DOESN'T LIKE: skyscrapers, lowered blinds, washing dishes, symmetry, speaking in diminutive to kids, fluorescent lights, furniture sets, flying in an airplane, buying clothes.

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