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Born and raised in Barcelona, she studied Fine Arts at Barcelona University. In early 2006 she moved to Lisbon to do an Erasmus where she was stucked for a long and happy period of time. She coursed comic and illustration at the Arco School of Art. Today, she currently lives and works between these two cities, doing personal work, commissions and different interdisciplinary projects. 

Always from a similar point of departure, her work is materialized in various media and formats: from drawing and illustration, to painting and engraving or textiles and comics. She likes to experiment with different language. Technique means a way through she can express in each project. She defines her work as "Color and composition. Unexpected, accident and energy".

MARTINA LIKES: to sleep, ride a bike, eat, to cook, to dive, plants, nature, surrealism, coincidences, poetic justice, staring at the window.

MARTINA DOESN´T LIKE: capitalism, supremacism, sleep few hours, summer in the city, crowded places, sand on the bed, hot tuna, fruit wrap on plastic.

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