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Pedro came to live in Barcelona 5 years ago. He arrived from Chile attracted by the artistic energy and rhythm of this city, the beauty of its streets, its history and the stones that remind him of it. After spending three years at the Massana School of Art and Design, he embarked on a path that led him to continue his training at the Plymouth College of Art in England, later self-taught in a small sculpture workshop in Paris, and recently in Denmark, where he has participated in a more artisanal project at the Museum of Linen and Textiles.

His constant concern has led him not to stop researching new materials and techniques. He started painting with acrylics and creating his own silk-screen printing workshop in Chile, and since he arrived to the old continent, he has also worked with textiles and ceramics, and in this last period he is training as a sculptor.

PEDRO LIKES: to see a leaf fall, to step on the ground of a field, to visit a stone, to travel by bicycle, to greet the sky, to listen to jazz, to imagine, not to know the future, to leave the good for the end.

PEDRO DOESN'T LIKE: the smell of fried food on his clothes, talking to someone on a cell phone, ball games, motorcycles, synthetic clothing, the crowd, gossip, overbearing, competition.

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