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Perrine is a French illustrator and muralist who has been living in Barcelona for some years. She studied Fashion Design (Sweden), Graphic Design (Epsaa, Paris) and a Master in Design and Communication (Elisava, Barcelona). The territory where she feels at home is illustration, that allows her the greatest freedom to express  and to turn her thoughts around. 

She finds her inspiration in contemporary artists and designers, as well as in the history of art and everyday life. He works in many areas such as urban art, creation of textile prints, art direction, event posters, branding, jewelry etc. Through a festive and colorful aesthetic, she creates a critical universe where madness and spontaneity prevail.

Perrine proposes to contemplate her illustrations with a clear mind, to be children again and to ask us questions. Her characters, imperfect, sensitive and powerful, are unmasked to remind us of our origins, that we are nature.  The artist tries to decode the body and blur the border between the feminine and the masculine with images full of colour and organic forms.

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