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Illustrator from Barcelona. She graduated in the specialty of drawing in
Escola Massana in 1996. After graduating she works in the field of
cultural revitalization, carrying out the tasks of coordinating events in  cultural centers and art curator in municipal exhibition halls. In 2013 she returned to the Escola Massana to study the higher illustration training cycle. Since then she has participated in several national and international exhibitions and illustration fairs. Between other professional collaborations, highlights the participation, in 2015, in the Children's tv show Una mà de contes at TV3 channel, making the drawings of several of the
programs of the season. In 2017, she started artisan screen printing in the workshop where she was resident member, Oslo Graphic Barceloneta, exploring and doing part of her production in this manual technique, which sells in several galleries in Barcelona and others points of the Spanish geography. Currently working on the making of several albums
for children and she is now a resident member of the Espai Brut illustration and engraving workshop.

SANDRA LIKES: all cats, especially her own, to draw trees, the mountains, hike mountains, when the lights go out in the movies, storms, sleep on the window side, cloudy days, the smell of pine trees in summer, the sound of thunder, napping under a tree, reading in the bathtub, traveling by train, combining colors, the giant pandas and reds too, the smell of jasmine at sunset, sheltering from the rain in Venice, storm clouds, to lie down.

SANDRA DOESN'T LIKE: hairs on the pillow, washing dishes, spiders; spiders and cockroaches; spiders, cockroaches and all insects, the smell of gasoline, darkness, firecrackers, stubbornness, watering plants, plants dying, heat, watching a tree burn, the sound of cicadas at singing, needles, the mosquitoes and the buzz they make when flying, burning in the sun, that the bottom is not seen, bathing where the bottom is not seen, a call at dawn.

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